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I’ve been finding that nothing stays the same, not least the food I eat. I’ve spent much of my life struggling with my weight and had trouble finding a healthy diet and lifestyle that works for me. The typical low-calorie semi-starvation diet did not work for me! I found myself hungry all the time and totally obsessed with food. It was not until I started to understand some of the biochemistry associated with what we eat that I realised I didn’t need to do that — indeed, shouldn’t for my own health.

One thing leads to another and now I’m eating a diet that is nutrient-dense and filling, and as free from processed foods as I can manage. I am so much healthier these days and niggling health problems that I accepted as part of “ageing” have disappeared. Oh, and I also lost 20kg while eating really well and without even feeling hungry.


As most of the recipes that were previously on OzFoodie are what I now consider to be unhealthy, I can’t in good conscience leave them online. I decided it’s time for a re-launch with a refreshed look and a refreshed food philosophy. So here we are again, and I hope you are able to get a lot from this new iteration of the blog, that was missing from the old.

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